Nuage Hot Yoga

Yoga in any form is an effective low-impact exercise that can have positive effects on your blood pressure, stress level and mood. Nuage Hot Yoga, is a series of yoga poses performed in a room heated between 39-41 degrees or more. It's not for everyone, but for those who give it a shot, hot yoga can have physical and mental benefits.

Nuage Hot Yoga

Practise Style

Flow-style yoga classes involve transitioning from one pose to another through a sequence called vinyasa, in which you move to plank pose, down through high-to-low pushup, and up to cobra pose and downward-facing dog. Vinyasa helps your muscles stay warm and flexible, but some people find the sequence tiring and would rather just do individual poses, one after another, without the transition. Nuage yoga allows this opportunity. Because the room is so warm already, there's no need to flow between poses.

Mental Benefits

All types of yoga are designed to relieve stress and promote mind-body unity. Practicing hot yoga, though, is a special case of mind over matter. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is an accomplishment, and you may be surprised to discover that the upper limits of what your body can do under extreme conditions is higher than you thought.

Heat Benefits

Doing yoga in a super-heated room is similar to sitting in a sauna. Heated environments increase your pulse rate and metabolism and allow your blood vessels to become more flexible. That makes circulation easier and increases blood flow to the limbs. Cold muscles become injured more easily than warmed-up ones, so the heat of a Nuage Hot Yoga class allows your body to move more freely. Although you will get hot, the act of sweating helps control your internal body temperature.


  • Sudhir MishraBeyond mastery of postures, the breath work, meditations and teachings that Nuage Hot Yoga offers in their classes have nurtured my spirit as well as my body and have changed my consciousness and transformed my life.
  • Riya Sen: yoga makes me look the way i want to look, more over it is my only peace of mind. NUAGE HOT YOGA epitomises both.........
  • Suchitra Krishnamoorthi: Nu age hot yoga is not just exercise. To me its a form of meditation- the perfect me time to align body spirit and mind. I'm a devotee :)
  • Neetu Chandra: Nuage hot yoga is today s generation s meditative workout. It prepares you mentally n physically both. I am hooked on to it. Your body n the teacher s mind. Challenge yourself everytime , Just follow it.. ;))
  • Swanand Kirkire: Nuage hot yoga is wonderful! Not only do they ground you into your body, but they also open your heart and enliven your soul.
  • VikrantAfter a shooting long hours day and night, you need something that relaxes your mind, body and soul. Nuage Hot Yoga helps me live a balanced life.

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